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Art Education – Civic Education

Details on how to participate in this LIVE workshop are below!


Erich Mistrík is full professor of philosophy at Faculty of Education, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia. He works with student-teachers and lectures in aesthetics, art education, multicultural education and in civic education.

Erich Mistrík

Art Education – Civic Education

A real-time practical workshop showing an example of teaching art at university as it was realised during coronavirus distance learning last April. Art used for purposes of civic education is the main theme of this workshop and it is devoted to the topic „Water“. Workshop is based on watching art, on listening to art, on doing simple drawing exercise, and on reflecting practices of everyday life. Thus it connects various artforms to everyday values as well as to global issues. Participants will be asked to open their minds for different levels of aesthetic appreciation and to simple art practice.

Requirements: Possibility to open youtube files in participants´ computers, several A4 or Letter papers plus pencil or pen at hand. Workshop will be held on Monday, 12th October from 4pm to 5 pm CEST (Prague time) via Skype at erich_1119.


The link is:…Ihc


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