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My Place (on Earth) Imprinted

in Clay


Department of Art Education, Faculty of Education, Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic

Monika Dokoupilová

My Place (on Earth) Imprinted in Clay


The workshop will focus on working with ceramic material, with malleable material. Working with clay – with natural material has a broadscale effect on a person, a pupil, on anybody. The workshop will take us from the haptic, relaxing, therapeutic effect that working with clay has on an individual, through perfecting one's own realisation while reflecting on creativity, to having control over technological pitfalls. An object will be created in the reaction of the creator to the environment that s/he knows best, that s/he can identify with, in which s/he resonates. This time we will work with clay without the final burning process, the material will be returned to nature by its gradual disintegration. 



Introductory video

Dear colleagues, teachers, creators,


I would like to invite you to participate in the "clay" workshop entitled My Place (on Earth) Imprinted in Clay.

Clay as a material has been accompanying us perhaps from the beginning of our existence on the planet Earth. For reading messages ‘sent’ by people from ancient history, the clay path has a strong accent (ruddle on the walls of cave paintings, vessels and their fragments, sculptures ...). Thanks to its plasticity, people have been able to create from clay, and thanks to the discovery of fire and its effect on clay objects, they have also been able to fix them in a permanent form. By firing, the clay becomes a ceramic. It is fascinating to know that ceramic objects, artifacts that we can see in cultural institutions bear the imprints of our ancestors, that it is possible to touch these creators in this way through time. Thanks to the plasticity of clay and its ability to be transformed by fire, the clay path forms a communication channel with our history.

However, the very property of plasticity also enables communication in the context of our human short-term history. To an existing, moving, experiencing individual be s/he alone or part of the whole, the plasticity of clay can unintentionally convey a wanted (joyful games of children with clay in puddles) or unwanted (walking through the city in the rain, when the streets are being reconstructed) imprint. But one can move towards intentional shaping. Towards the experience and communication that clay allows. ‘Let’ oneself imprinted in clay, let s/he be communicated by clay. Even if the material is not confirmed by fire. Our short message can be sent, perhaps received by someone, and just as in time everything passes, it will slowly disappear, and it will transform.

I would like to invite you to share your imprints through the clay. We live in different parts of the world, where we have places that appeal to us, that are essential to us. We can create small clay works for these places, fix them only by the drying process, and install these ‘little messages’ of ours in the given place.


Our message for ourselves, for a place, for others, which will slowly disappear. Capture your installations or even the creative processes on a video or photo and share them with others and communicate in this way. You can participate in this workshop individually or with your school class. If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please log in to the classroom in the Seesaw (see bellow). The workshop will be open to receive your contributions for one month (that is, until November 11, 2020). I look forward to sharing our clay touch.:-)



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