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Dance film & performance
The End of Bliss 
by Jolana Šturmová

Saturday 14th March 2020

I am in me

I am in a house

I miss my mouth

I cannot see mouths

I am alone

I am not outside


I look at the same tree from the window everyday

Only clouds run differently each day

Sometimes fast, sometimes not at all


Tuesday 17th March –safe distance–

I want to change everything

I want to breathe

I want to be

I run from my chaos inside me

They’ve been cumulating more intensively lately

I want to breathe



Sunday/Monday March – spring in the flat – I feel funky

Long time at a fast pace

today and again

fear and ire


Friday 27th March midnight

A green tent

I walk past the centre of a lethal illness

I feel better

I want to breathe

I take down the mask inconspicuously

I breathe


Midnight air


Friday 3rd April 13.05 I ran away

I finished reading Ways of Writing about Love Jan Němec

Train, fear…


I want to be

I search for me

I am probably truly alone now

I am scared

A new place




I love

I don’t want

We keep wanting more

We can’t stop

It’s impossible


We want more, longing bliss, longing consuming


April a week/two weeks it’s been going on for quite long !WE!

A young person in this situation is not optimistic

I am scared

I am scared of my following life

Are we addicted to the society?

A drug – consumption

Society withdrawal symptoms

We need another nutritious dose of bliss

We want to transfer to the sweet state of comfort

No movement

Movement in me

I don’t want to foresee


Friday 17th April I feel weird outside I want to go back

Connection to nature but with symptoms of consumer society. Won’t todays human start to look horribly odd in nature?  Where does human become natural in these times?

Nature disturbed by an odd human. Totally new image in terms of human, who is clothed in gloves and face masks.

Will life in disinfection be a common thing for my kids?
I am outside not feeling great. Clothed, covered in fear, without contact. We escape to forests.


It flows,

It passes

Time passes

My youth passes

I’m captured in human stupidity

I can’t.



Monday-Friday 27th March-1st May I don’t go anywhere – window


There’re curtains in the window

coverage – mouth – watcher


This window is wooden

It is hard to open

But it faces West

Sunset every day



Wednesday 6/5/2020 I still don’t go out I am scared

Intensive perception of time. it flows quickly. At the same time, it is covered in a weird fog of curtain. Window. I watch. I am not.

The bliss again. I desire bliss. I am a part of the consumer society. Our drug is consumption. 

It’s all a vicious circle. Everything happens for me, even though I disagree, I want and need it.

inside X outside

change X unforgivable consumption

fear X hope

alone X in a crowd

individual sees X blind society

Humbleness came unnaturally


Ecology/coronavirus the outcome of ecologic mistakes Future Ecological precautions at the expense of human freedom

fear that I won’t be able to handle too many people around

I fear I won’t manage to come back to normal life

But was it even normal before?

The End of Bliss?


The End of Bliss



cameraman assistant






Conservatory Duncan Centre


Prague 2020

Jolana Šturmová

Performer, dancer, choreographer and member of the dance company Soc.Kult.


The End of Blaho | The End of Bliss

In May 2020, she successfully graduated from the Duncan Center Dance Conservatory.


During my quarantine, I worked on a short dance film at the Duncan Center Conservatory, which focused mainly on issues such as the future, global and environmental issues, alienation, loss of identity, closing myself out of the world, finding myself and finding a solution to the current quarantine and pandemic. The film takes the form of a diary that reveals my personal experiences from the quarantine period.

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