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Isolation, Emptiness
and the Search
for Humanity


Artistic Reflections


Magdalena Adámková Turzová

Department of Art Education, Faculty of Education, Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic


Same Ol‘ Pictures             

The author presents a series of paintings created during the coronavirus lockdown. The process of painting almost always takes place in a certain loneliness and isolation. In this respect, this period did not bring much change for painters. The difference was more in the ability to respond to the outside world; our radius of action has changed and for me personally the inspiration was more of a home environment. I focused my attention on the issue of an image in an image. Be it a screen, a display, an image in a frame or a distorted reflection, the meaning can be found in the context of the observed image or object and its surroundings. The name of the cycle refers to a certain exhaustion given by the repetition. We follow the constellations of the ‘old familiar’ image and the space in which it is currently located.


Paul Cope

Independent artist and researcher, United Kingdom


A Sequence of Artworks Made in Response to Lockdown

In this research, I set out to document creatively the experience of domestic isolation during the pandemic. Finding ourselves listed as vulnerable, I began the practice of depictive drawing on paper folded into simple sketchbooks. At the end of each day, I have posted images of the drawings onto social media, finding an audience and a community online. The drawings map the disordered attention span of lockdown, track incremental changes and closely examine domestic space. The daily paper’s folded faces and TV news on various screens reflects the wider crisis. The drawings represent a sort of mindfulness practice, an engaged distraction, keeping busy with a creative project. Using a visual research methodology, I have accumulated data through a creative process to explore themes of isolation and reclamation of creativity in a time of crisis. The research is an ongoing art project. The presentation in the form of an mp4 file will represent a documentation of the continuing visual research.

53. inverze - inversion.jpg

Michaela Petřek Linhartová

Creative photographer, teacher of Art activities class on secondary school, Olomouc, Czech Republic

Face Mask for Every Day

The project emerged during the quarantine and took exactly 64 days. In that time the autor took photos of herself, of the sky and of her immediate friends and family and that way reflected the situation and current events. It initiated to support responsible behaviour and to amuse the the public, but it transformed wuth the course of the corona virus and started dealing with unpleasant topics and emotions. The final creations are the resoult of various experiments with photographs (photomontage, combination with painting, arranging, body painting, production of masks).     


Svatopluk Klesnil

Department of Art Education, Faculty of Education, Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic

Temporary Presence, Mr. Oswald 

The word ‘isolation’ in connection with human experience carries many meanings and connotations, both negative and positive. Both physical and emotional isolation, if not based on one’s voluntary choice, can leave its mark deeply affecting one’s life. In some cases, an affected person can transfer their trauma, even unconsciously, to next generations, and thus, such traumatic experience might become part of collective memory. It comes back to us and even future generations, often with the same intensity.


After the end of World War II, the German population in Czechoslovakia became a subject to the principle of collective guilt and more than 90 % of ethnic Germans were expelled from their homes in Czechoslovakia without any compensation properties and property rights.


The German family of Oswald P. (*1938) had lived on their family farm located in the North Moravia in Czechoslovakia since many generations ago. It was where Oswald and his three siblings were born and spent part of their childhood. In 1946, the family was forced to leave Czechoslovakia, as well as the rest of the village residents. It was their feeling of nostalgia and curiosity about what happened to their family home that encouraged them to visit the place of which they became only helpless observers, with no power to prevent its deterioration.


Robert Buček

Department of Art Education, Faculty of Education, Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic

4 + 1/3 + kk

A videopresentation titled 4 + 1/3 + kk presents the exhibition project of Robert Buček, which was interrupted by quarantine in March 2020. This unique exhibition project was designed for five gallery and non-gallery spaces in the centre of Olomouc. Each realisation was connected to either an established gallery, a non-profit gallery, or a university or sacral space. Thus, the project presented the centre of the city of Olomouc with a great aesthetic potential.

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