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Steve Willis

A reflection on Mindful Meditation


Steve Willis taught art in public schools for 23 years before joining the faculty at Missouri State University in Springfield where he is a Professor of Art Education. His research interests are in indigenous and spiritual knowledge and practices, but mostly focuses the practice of spirituality in visual art. He has served as a consultant for various schools, school districts, and community arts organizations; has presented at national and international conferences, and has published book chapters, papers in national and international journals, and continues to serve on the editorial boards. His most recent book with Richards, A. is (2020) Global Consciousness through the Arts: A Passport for Students and Teachers, 2nd ed. Dubuque, IA: Kendall-Hunt. His art can be seen here

Title of the conference paper: A reflection on Mindful Meditation

Steve Willis


At this time of the global pandemic, lives can seem out of control as chaos and violence are in the news and in the streets of our neighborhood. This is particularly true in the United States as protests are common and the COVID virus continues to expand as many people in the US ignore precautionary medical advice and continue to socialize in close proximity without a mask. 


Chaos and turmoil are difficult even for the citizen who has experiences in difficult times such as warfare, social unrest, economic crisis, and health concerns like Ebola, avian flu, aids, and now, COVID-19. But this talk will focus on helping children. I will propose school procedures that can help stabilize the students and their environments. In this, I will refer specifically to Mindful Meditation.

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