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*new eyes*
Participatory Experiences 
in Extraordinary Landscapes of Art

Details on how to participate in this LIVE workshop are below!


Marco Peri is free lance art historian and museum educator, based in Italy, Cagliari

Marco Peri

*new eyes*
Participatory Experiences
in Extraordinary Landscapes
of Art

*new eyes* is an online workshop to share (remotely) a different approach to visual art. It takes place in videoconference for this reason an internet connection, webcam and microphone are required.

What we will do?

Sensory, emotional and narrative experiences around some masterpieces of universal art history. The workshop stimulates active participation of the participants, stimulating the creative, perceptive and sensorial potential.


We will experience activities, exercises and games with art, to give life to new projects in the museum, at school or in other educational contexts.

Workshop is dedicated to teachers, museum educators, artists.

Duration: 2 hours

Language: English

Technical requirements: internet connection, webcam and microphone



This online workshop is open to 20 participants, please write your intention to participate in the workshop to the author at his e-mail address: marcoperi(a)
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